Optional Enhancements

Elevate the consumer experience with custom luxury packaging

Bulge Embossing

Bulge embossing enables us to stretch the metal surface even further than standard embossing, providing a perfect option for promotional campaigns.

Embossing & Debossing

Make custom product packaging stand out even more by adding embossed and debossed features. From simple logos to all-over application, these special techniques take advantage of metal's inherent properties to add tactile details to the package.

Opening Options

Our versatile range of opening options for promotional packaging maximizes consumer convenience and brand interaction.


Perforations add ‘transparency’ and texture to the tin, providing greater depth to a design and differentiation on the shelf.

Seated Ends

In addition to our standard seamed ends, we offer seated ends which offer a flush look with a very modern feel.


Give consumers a peek at the product inside the package! Window technologies are available in a variety of substrates, keeping products protected while allowing them to be easily identified by consumers.